Let’s say you want a private blog to post your secrets OR make your blog available for the registered users only. WordPress allows you to create protected (private) posts but if you want full privacy this won’t be enough. In this post i will show you how you can easily turn wordpress into a private blog.

Absolute Privacy

This plugin allows you to lock down wordpress completely against unregistered views. You can also disable feed views within same plugin. One of the best features that plugin gives option to allow view on certain pages. You need to enter page id’s you want to be visible. All other content will be hidden to guest views.

Private WP

This plugin disables all content views and redirect users to login screen. It has a simple interface and does just what you expect to.

Private Only

This plugin redirect all users to login screen. One great feature is that you can customize the login interface using this plugin. This will make your site more attractive. Not tested in wordpress 3.0 though.


Wp-Private allows you to hide certain parts of content only. You can use [protected] & [/protected] shortcode tags to hide your content from guests or regular users. Plugin will display a login form or a text message telling user should register or subscribe. One feature it brings is that not all registered users can view the content. That’s why settings page is entitled “Premium Content Manager”.

Private WP Suite

Private WP Suite is as simple as abc. It allows you to lock down your blog, your feeds and even your uploads (Needs .htaccess read/write rights). It also allows you to keep certain ip addresses out of the protection. I don’t think this ip feature is really usefull though. I don’t recommend using it.

Here i showed you 5 different plugins to lock down your blog and start posting protected. I hope you liked it.

Update (2 Dec 2011) : I created a plugin called WP-Lock. Read more about it here.