Just released new version for the Adsense Widget. This new version comes with many useful options including color scheme editor in the options panel, hiding ads for users, displaying placeholders for admins while viewing the site. Read more for details and screenshots.

In 1.6, i changed options page completely and added many new functionalities. Here are some screenshots of the options page:

Hide ads for Registered Users

Using this new functionality, you can hide ads for any user group including: Registered Users, Editors, Contributors, Authors & Admins. Users won’t see any widget displayed when the ads are hidden. But you can hide/show placeholders for admins. Placeholders show gray boxes instead of ads, that way you will know that a visitor see an advertisement in that place.

Default Shortcode Ad Type

Using the simplest shortcode [adsense] used to display a 468×60 banner. Now you can set the default size for the shortcode using this option. You can also specify a default shortcode channel for your adsense statistics.

Adsense Colors

You can now easily change your adsense colors to optimize your revenue using Color Scheme tab on the options page. But keep in mind that this will only work with ads that you don’t specify a slot id. Because Google keeps color data with the slot id. If you enter a slot id for the widget or shortcode you are adding, google will use colors defined in that slot id.

Get the latest version of Adsense Widget.