Without a doubt, the WordPress platform has become the number one platform for bloggers and website owners. Millions of websites are built on WordPress, and it’s also a pretty popular platform for business websites.

Once you pick a theme, you can use it on your blog right away. WordPress themes are very flexible, and you can customize them according to every taste.

As we spoke a few years ago, mobile-first WordPress themes have become a popular trend in recent years.

It doesn’t mean you can’t use other design styles, but mobile first is the new way to go.

A mobile-first website is one that emphasizes keeping the content on a mobile device, while other design styles focus on making sure the site looks good on a desktop computer or laptop screen.

Without any exception, almost many industries have noticed that a majority of traffic on their website comes from mobile devices so it makes complete sense for website owners to approach mobile-first themes.

It is said, in 2022 the responsiveness of websites has played a huge role and the number of smartphone users has increased to more than 65%. If you don’t want to lose customer traffic on your sites you better take care of the themes you use.

Why Go with Mobile First Themes?

Making your websites mobile-friendly and fast are two essential things you can go for to boost your search engine ranking and make your customers satisfied as well.

Here are several particulars that will surely convince you to start going for mobile first themes:

● Mobile first design enhances the performance of downloading images. By activating mobile-first, you make sure that devices will not download images in larger sizes than they need.
● A mobile-first theme has fewer codes so it will have rarest places where it can go wrong and become much faster to load.
● Above all, the mobile-first theme will definitely boost SEO for the reason that in April 2015, Google’s algorithm has privileged sites that are rapid.
● The mobile-first theme will make sure to load your site much more quickly on mobile devices where bandwidth is more reasonably a complication than on desktop sites.

However, seeing these advantages one should convince their wise minds to make the wisest choice when it comes to customer-friendly WordPress themes because choosing mobile-first themes is not only about captivating designs to click on your site but it makes sure to enhance SEO as well.

There are a lot of numbers of responsive themes out there on WordPress, comparatively, they all are responsive yet there are not so many which are mobile-first discouragingly these WordPress themes advertise themselves as mobile-first but in fact, they aren’t. By having knowledge about it, it must be tricky to hunt exact mobile-first themes.

5 Best WordPress Mobile First Themes

In this post, I have found the best WordPress mobile-first themes you can use to run your sites. They basically vary from simple themes with minimal customization options to complete featured themes.

Ozeum | Museum and Art Gallery WordPress Theme

Ozeum comes at the top of the list of the most amazing mobile-first WordPress themes. Its appearance is vintage-styled which perfectly suits the launch of topic-specified sites. There is a huge room for demo concepts included in this theme which allows you to start your exhibition center or online museum website. Ozeum is made with Elementor page builder. It includes top-trending WordPress Plugins like Revolution Slider and Essential Grid that are provided for an outstanding showcase of your inventive piece of data.

Fribbo | Freebies Blog WordPress Theme

This theme is for those who are desperately looking for usable mobile-first WordPress themes for freebies websites. If so, your liking should go to Fribbo. This WordPress theme is completely editable that comes with 6 impressive homepage layouts, which can be imported to your freebies and gifts site that also with a single click. Additionally, some customized widgets and shortcodes are featured in the themes download package. One can also get benefited from the Elementor page builder. Fribbo lets you do any kind of modifications to the layout.

Mystik | Astrology & Horoscope Fortune Telling WordPress Theme

Mystik is one of the multi-tasking mobile-first WordPress themes that is a perfect go for horoscope, fortune-telling numerology, meditation, and other web projects. The dark-colored theme makes it more eye-catching and interesting which will add a touch of mystery to your website. As previously mentioned, themes, Mystik also has great customization and modification option along with a powerful Theme REX framework. This kind of theme is a great choice for WooCommerce that gives you the chance to sell your products & services straightaway on the pages of the website.

Pixefy | Stock Photography Marketplace Theme

Pixefy is a perfect mobile-first WordPress theme that completely suits content-rich stock photography and online portfolio websites. This theme is a ready-to-go foundation for photography marketplaces. By using full integration with WooCommerce & pre-made niche pages, you can initiate working with a fully personalized website within a bunch of days. This one is also fast and easy to edit theme by using Elementor page builder.

TanTum | Car, Bike, Boat & Scooter Rental Services WordPress Theme

Taking online rental services has become most common nowadays, this type of theme is the best example of such types of services. With TanTum you can directly get started with websites for bikes and car rental services. This is a multi-functional theme that can be used with very few modifications after launching it. The download pack of this theme has already stunning ready-made pages and layouts. TanTum features full compatibility with the rental system. By using various auto-made shortcodes, you can easily display all the data of your site just the way you wish it to be displayed.


Now while making the right choice to choose the best WordPress mobile first theme makes sure to get a fully-featured WordPress solution that completes all your needed niches project.

Just by going through the world of mobile free WordPress themes, one can explore all kinds of niches based on themes that are colorful and catchy like your desired topic.

From educational to sports & fun, mobile-first themes have everything for you. Simply, go with the theme that suits your expectations more.

(Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash)