Countdown Widget for WordPress plugin makes creating countdown timers a cake! You can either use the widget or the shortcode. Here is a list of features added with this update..

Countdown widget now also counts up!

I added a dropdown to the widget where you can select to count DOWN or UP. If you select up it will show time passed since the date given. You can also use this feature with the shortcode. Using direction="up" in your shortcodes will do the same.

Inline styling never been easier

I added inline styling attributes to shortcode. Now you can change width, background color, color and border radius of the countdown using shortcode template below:

[countdown date="15 Mar" direction="up" format="dHMS" width="175" color="fff" bgcolor="000" radius="10"]

Colors are not only HEX anymore

Originally countdown was using HEX color codes only. I changed this functionality to allow rgb and rgba color values also. So now you can use colors like: rgb(255,127,145) OR rgba(0,0,0,0.5)

I hope you like those new features. What are you waiting for go get the latest version!