We have recently updated our Facebook Meta Tags for WordPress plugin to version 1.0. With this new version, you can easily define a default site image and homepage description using plugin options page.


New Feature Highlights

Default Site Image
Facebook meta tags plugin normally uses post featured image as a sharing image. For posts that doesn’t have a featured image defined, and for your archive pages default site image will be used. So every share from your site will have good views.

Homepage Description
Facebook meta tags plugin automatically takes post excerpts and category descriptions as description text for sharing. With version facebook meta tags version 1.0, now you can define a custom sharing text for your homepage.

Debug Link Template Tag
If you want to debug your site’s meta tags on facebook, you can now use our debug link creator template tag on your single.php templates:

<?php if( function_exists("sfmt_debug_link") ){ echo "<a href="" . sfmt_debug_link() . "">Debug Meta Tags</a>"; } ?>

This code will put a link on your page that will be useful while debugging your facebook sharing problems.

Things To Consider
Facebook uses images larger than 200×200 pixels wide, so your default site image must be larger than that. If you put a smaller image as default site image, it won’t be used by facebook.