Today i submitted my new plugin to wordpress plugins repository. But meanwhile i am adding it to be downloaded via my site. I introduce you the most simple adsense widget!

You can easily add any adsense unit to your site with the speed of light; just choose ad type, fill in channel id and slot id if necessary and you are done.

After you install the plugin you need to enter your unique adsense id to the settings panel. After this prior setting, you can head over to the widgets page and add your adsense units as you like. You can use widget as many times as you like. But remember that google displays maximum 3 ad units plus 3 link units per page. If you add more than that simply it won’t show up.

This widget has another great feature that allows you to set up colors to fit your site. It uses old legacy adsense code so you can change colors from your functions.php file. I will write a post about this setting soon. I didn’t add an options panel for this because i wanted only theme developers reach this feature. I want every theme setup this setting in the functions.php so adsense will fit the theme it is used on. I just kept it simple for everyday users.

Visit the plugin page now and give this new widget a try.
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