WordPress Themes are one of the top reasons that we love using WordPress. It just takes minutes to switch to another theme and give your site a fresh new look. Many themes come with great options pages and style packs included. But sometimes you may need small style fixes for your sites theme. This is where WP Add Custom CSS comes to play.

WP Add Custom CSS is an easy to use wordpress plugin to add custom css codes to your site. Of course there are many other options to add those codes, but WP Add Custom CSS is saved to the database, not to your themes folder. So even if you change your theme, or accidentally update an edited one, you won’t lose your CSS styling codes.



Another advantage of using WP Add Custom CSS is that, it will immediately change your site’s appearance. If you are using CDN or css caching for your site, changes to your stylesheet won’t be visible immediately. If you are in need of a quick fix, you can use custom css field to do that.



WP Add Custom CSS also adds custom css fields for posts and pages. So you can use custom styling for different posts and pages of your sites.


If you find yourself editing theme styles regularly, we highly recommend using WP Add Custom CSS. It just does the job without any extra trash. If you like other plugins similar to this that you use, you are welcome to add them in the comments below.

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