You can analyze what people search on your blog to fill in the needs of your visitors. Not only it will give you a glimpse of what is missing, it will also give you inspiration on your next blog posts. Here i will show you how to install and use Search Meter plugin to analyze your wordpress search..

To install Search Meter follow these steps.
1. Go to Plugins – Add New page on your wordpress admin page.
2. Click on search and write “Search Meter”
3. Click on install & then activate it.

After you install this great plugin it will need a little time to generate its reports. To view the reports click on Search Meter under your Dashboard panel.
In a week you will start seeing what people search on your blog. Search Meter shows you “Yesterday & Today”, “Last 7 days” and “Last 30 days” as a summary. You can also see last 100 searches & also last 500 searches. Here is a glimpse on my report:

Using those search reports you can see what people are looking for on your site. I think this is better than any other visitor analyzer tools since it gives you direct keywords for your posts.

Hope you like it.

(Image credit: Okko Pyykkö)

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