Subpages Extended for wordpress allows you easily list subpages of a page using either its shortcode [subpages] or using Subpages widget. New updated version also allows you automatically insert sub-page indexes on empty pages.

To use this feature first update your plugin to the latest version. Then go to Admin->Settings->Subpages Extended options page. Check Auto-insert option to allow sub-page indexes on empty pages. Whenever you create an empty main page, plugin will check it’s subpages. If there are subpages, it will automatically output an index of child pages.

You can also use it’s shortcode feature to generate auto-updating subpage indexes. It’s basic usage is as follows:

[subpages depth="1" childof="257" exceptme="true"]

You can specify depth -1 to include all subpages. childof takes a page id to list sub pages of that page. To learn how to get page ids in wordpress you can read my tutorial here. exceptme option excludes current page from the listing. So it won’t link to itself.

Click here for more details on subpages extended widget.

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