WordPress Team released beta version of WordPress 3.6 for theme and plugin developers to test their products. I have installed it to my local server and took a few snapshots for you to see new features along with the new theme twenty thirteen.

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New Post Formats Interface

We can see that WordPress 3.6 focuseses more on post formats. A lot of people using WordPress, still don’t use post formats, some because of themes out there doesn’t support it, some just don’t like it. WordPress 3.6 makes post formats more usable with taking post format selection box to the top on post edit screen.

WP 3.6 Add Image Post

WordPress 3.6 also adds new fields to post formats. When you select a post format, you will see different fields for each post format.


Navigation Menus Interface gets a face lift


WordPress navigation menus interface now has two tabs. One tab for building your custom menus, second tab for selecting which menu goes to which theme location. Unfortunately, most of the themes doesn’t add menu locations. That’s why, second tab may not be visible for most of the users.

Post Revisions with avatars


Post revisions get better for multi-user blogs. Now post revisions are displayed along with the avatar of the revision editor.

Twenty Thirteen


Twenty Thirteen has a really colorful interface. It features a customizable header with background image, use of post formats, navigation menus with dropdown effects, a wide nice footer, and awesome css3 fonts and styles.


Twenty thirteen page template is really clean. It’s awesome css3 fonts, makes text more readable. Blockquote styles are really nice, it makes your site seem more stylish.


Gallery posts, display a nice grid of pictures attached to the post. Gallery post background is too colorful tho. It fills page with lots of orange.


Attachment pages display a link to full size of the image. That’s a really great feature. It also has nice located Next and Previous image links. However, most users, are used to click to advance image galleries. This is still a missing feature for this theme.


Twenty thirteen footer may seem a bit messy when your site is empty. You have full control over your footer using primary sidebar. Widgets on your primary sidebar are displayed on your footer.


WordPress 3.6 brings a lot of nice features to the post edit screen, mostly supporting post formats. It also has some nice updates to menus screen and post revisions. The best update, however, is the brand new theme Twenty thirteen. Twenty thirteen has a lot of new functions working on the background. Surely current themes will need a lot of updates to catch up on Twenty Thirteen.