Today I learnt removal of my plugins from via a user email. When I checked my account, I saw that my plugin account was suspended with all connected plugins.

I didn’t get any notifications or email about the reason. So I decided to write this general notice about the status.

If you get a ## The Plugin “Countdown Widget” has been removed from ## error on your panel that’s the reason of that message.

What Happened?

I have submitted a new plugin for my new project WPCrawl last month. That plugin is necessary for verifying website ownership and producing a configurable cache crawling feed.

I am suspecting, that plugin approval process initiated this and brought my plugin developer account – which was 13 years old – to an end.

What’s Next?

I am not expecting my developer account back. For the time being there is nothing I can do on my side. Because I didn’t get any emails to fix or update on my account.

I will update this if I get any feedback from the plugin development team.

Metin (aka Matt Say)