When you are optimizing your website for SEO, it often comes to mind if a page title separator is effective on search engine results. To answer this simple question, first, we have to look at what SEO really is.

SEO, search engine optimization has many different inputs. Content should have enough keywords, the title should be short but powerful. Your sitemap should be configured correctly. And lately another input; your site should respond blazing fast.

So in all those inputs, Page Title plays a critical role, as well as your permalink structure.

But Which Page Title Separator is Best for SEO?

Best Page Title Separator for SEO

In most cases WordPress websites use the default pipe “|” character as a page title separator. You may come to pages where they recommend using one of the three characters; hyphen “-“, comma “,” or pipe “|”. However, we are using “//” and we are in really nice places for our keywords.

This brings us to conclude that a page title separator is not very important if your site name does not include your target keyword. But if your site name has specific keywords you want to add to the page title, you can consider using “,” instead of the pipe.

As a plus side, this will also convince users to click on your results more. But you should keep in mind that, if you are using very long page or post titles, that part of the Page Title will not be visible and it won’t have any effect.


Long story short, depending on our experience page title is very important. But if you are using very long post titles or if your site name is not meaningful in terms of search keywords, then the page title separator may not have any effect on your SEO.