WordPress permalink structure allow us to create Search Engine Friendly page URLs in an easy way. But this structure should fit your SEO needs, otherwise it may lead to worse Search Engine Ranks. Here i will show you 5 different permalink structures for different needs.

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1. The Shortest : /%postname%/

Sample :https://wpassist.me/top-5-permalink-structure-for-seo/

This is the most popular permalink structure among wordpress users, and it is perfect as long as you can include your keywords in your post titles. Short and keyword rich urls are best for SEO. However, if you can’t include your keywords in your post titles you should try other options.

2. The Keyword : /one-static-keyword/%postname%/

Sample :https://wpassist.me/wordpress/top-5-permalink-structure-for-seo/

If you know the most important keyword on your business, you can play on this. Include this one static keyword in your permalink structure, and it will automatically increase your SEO on this keyword. However this will make URLs longer, and you will have lower SER on other keywords. Also if you add a page titled with this keyword, it may cause conflicts.



3. The Category : /%category%/%postname%/

Sample :https://wpassist.me/tutorials/top-5-permalink-structure-for-seo/

This is a good permalink structure for SEO, because you can provide keywords with category titles, and this will promote each post with its category. This will increase rankings depending on category titles, so you should be careful picking your categories. This permalink structure is a good one, but is not recommended for sites with a high impact volume. Because this permalink structure increases response time a little.

4. The Tag : /%tag%/%postname%/

Sample :https://wpassist.me/tricks/top-5-permalink-structure-for-seo/

This is an alternative version of 3rd structure. In this structure post is promoted depending on its tag. If you are a good keyword tagger, this may be your choice. You can tag posts as you like without thinking navigational hierarchy, and display concerns. So this option gives you more control on your keyword. Again, this structure is not recommended for sites with a high impact volume.

5. The Archivist : /%year%/%month%/%postname%/

Sample :https://wpassist.me/2011/04/05/top-5-permalink-structure-for-seo/

This option is not a SEO-friendly structure. This permalink structure is only recommended for blogs that are publishing same titles on regular basis (weekly, monthly).

Bonus Tip

You can also change your category and tag base values. Those can be used to improve your site SEO. For example if you are creating a game site, you can use games as your category base. This is a great opportunity to add your keywords in your URLs.


Here i shared 5 most common permalink structures and how they can help in your SEO work.
I hope you found it useful. Enjoy!

Do you use another structure? Please share with us in the comments.