SQL Query to Get Posts Using Category Name

select p.id, p.post_title from wp_posts p
inner join wp_term_relationships tr on tr.object_id = p.ID
inner join wp_terms t on tr.term_taxonomy_id = t.term_id
inner join wp_term_taxonomy tt on tt.term_taxonomy_id = t.term_id
where post_status ='publish'
and tt.taxonomy = 'category'
and t.name = 'Renewed'

[How to] Find Which Page Template Is Used By WordPress

Templating is a great feature of WordPress blogging system. If you want to build a CMS system using WordPress, you will be using lots of them. You can use different templates for each category, tag, page, etc. But sometimes this gets confusing. In this post I will give you a simple snippet to find out which template is used by WordPress easily.

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Facebook Meta Tags Plugin Update 0.5

New version (0.5) for Facebook Meta Tags plugin is here. In this new version I fixed several issues, including no-thumbnail error for pages, errors in page excerpts and thumbnail size problems in sharing. I also added a plugin options page. You can easily setup default logo URL, admins for your site and an App ID if you need one.

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