For many beginners wordpress may seem way too complicated than other blogging platforms. If you are new to blogging or if you want to upgrade your site to a better one you may need a good resource to find your way. Here WordPress 3 for Business Bloggers comes to help you out.

WordPress 3 for Business Bloggers is a complete guide that shows you how to create and improve your blog in a more strategic way. The book starts with blogging samples and gives you inspiration for your new site. It shows you how to set up a good strategy before starting the design, so you will know where you are heading. In the design part, book covers a complete design case. It shows every little step you need to take; Layouts, colors, typography etc.

Designing your blog chapter also includes a brief introduction to CSS, so you can easily create your own theme design. In the following chapters it mainly covers using images in your blog, setting up a gallery using Nextgen, embedding videos and addding favicons to your sites. After the basics, it also provides many useful information about how to write a post in a smart way, categorize and use great tags, creating static content and pages.

The Book also explains how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works. It show you how to choose your keywords, which title and permalink structure to use, how to submit your site to search engines. But it is not limited to those titles. It also includes many more great SEO tips for regular users. Other chapters will show you many great ways to promote your site and how to create links. And last three chapters have killer information about analyzing your blog, making money and optimizing traffic.


WordPress 3 For Business Bloggers is a great source for every wordpress user. It is written in casual english. Includes a lot of pictures and examples so you wont struggle on your way. It also gives you great information about making money from your blog, analyzing your stats and optimizing traffic using cache. And more, whether you a beginner or not this book pays back its price in the end.

WordPress 3 For Business Bloggers – Packt Publishing

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