If you don’t have a script installer on your server and you need to install wordpress manually, it can be a pain to upload wordpress files to your webhosting server one-by-one via ftp.
In this post, I will show you how to install wordpress with my wordpress downloader script.

Installation Steps

1. First get your wordpress downloader script here and unzip and upload "swp.php" to the folder you want wordpress installed. ( Eg. http://example.com/wp/ )

2. Navigate to the php file URL using your browser to start download process. ( Eg. http://example.com/wp/swp.php ) Server won’t return a response for a few minutes, just wait till download is complete.

The script will download latest wordpress from wordpress.org and extract it to the same folder.

When the process is finished, it will give you a link at the bottom of the page to start default wordpress installation script.

To install wordpress you will need:

  • A Mysql database name,
  • Database username,
  • Password for this user,
  • and of course a Mysql host (generally ‘localhost’).

Make sure you have this information before starting your WordPress installation.