Alright, you have installed wordpress, made your settings and now what? You gotta complete it with great plugins to your use. Here is a great list of plugins that you should have with all your wordpress installations:

1. All-in-one SEO Pack

Although this is a complex plugin, it is really useful for your site. Once you made the settings, your site becomes more lovely for search engines. Search Engines will love your site more 😉

Download All-in-one-SEO Pack

2. Contact Form 7

This simple plugin allows you to add contact form(s) to your site. It is really weird that contact forms doesn’t come packed with wordpress. This plugin fills in the blanks!

Download Contact Form 7

3. WP Audio Player

This simple plugin comes with a super-duper audioplayer button. And allows you to add a customisable audiplayer to your site. You can either use the button interface or you can use shortcodes to add your media.

Download Audio Player

4. NextGEN Gallery

This is rather a complex plugin. It allows you to create and edit photo galleries on your site. You can create galleries, ftp upload your photos, and you can easily create slideshows!

Download NextGEN Photo Gallery

5. Simple PAYPAL Shopping Cart

You want to use wordpress as an e-commerce site? Then this plugin is made for you. It allows you to add PAYPAL specific shopping cart, you can add this cart to your posts and your pages. It is great if you want to sell your stuff online!

Download Simple PAYPAL Shopping Cart

6. Sexy Bookmarks

Well, this is one of the most popular sharing plugins. My choice of sharing plugin is “Add to Any” but this one has really sexy buttons supporting nearly all popular sharing platforms.

Download Sexy Bookmarks

7. WP-PageNavi (Must have!)

This plugin creates handy and SE Optimized page navigation for your blog. It should be packed with default wordpress installations i think. Remember to add the template tag after you install the plugin. It’s not fully automatic yet.

Download WP-PageNavi

8. Tweetmeme Button

Want to get hits through twitter? This plugin allows users to easily tweet your posts, makes sharing really easy. There are lots of buttons like this, but i think this one is best!

Download Tweetmeme Button

9. WordPress Related Posts

This plugin adds related posts at the end of your posts. It has options for displaying on feed also. It also has a sidebar widget that displays on single post pages.

Download WordPress Related Posts

10. Popularity Contest

This plugin gives your posts and pages points for each visit depending on the visit channel. And calculates a total point used in popularity contest. Really great plugin to display most popular posts on your site.

Download Popularity Contest


1. WP Easy PAYPAL Payment Accept – You can easily add Donate / Subscribe buttons with this plugin

2. WP-DB-Backup – You can backup all your wordpress database with this great plugin

3. WP-Print – Makes your site more print-friendly. No need to think about printing styles. Just install this plugin and it’s done.

4. WP Greet Box – This plugin displays custom messages to your visitors depending on the referring site.

Want more? You can check my wordpress plugins page. I’m sure you will find something handy.

What’s your most popular plugin? Discuss on comments