I have spent a long time to completely rewrite my Adsense Widget plugin for WordPress. And it is still not finished yet. But I decided to make a preliminary release before other improvements are completed. Here is a complete list of changes in version 2.0.


Note. If you were using Adsense Widget before (means that you were one of the 1000 installers I had), I should warn you that you may need to edit your settings again. Because version 1.7 was using a really old Adsense code structure. In 2.0, I have completely upgraded the ad code to include new formats and responsive styling.

Adsense Widget 2.0 Features

Ad Formats Update

Now widget supports all up-to-date ad formats like In-Feed and In-Article units. You can select the ad format from the widget. Available options are Display, Link, In-Feed, In-Article, and Matched Content. For shortcode please check shortcode documentation.

Responsive Ad Units

As you already know, Adsense ads are automatically responsive now. In this version, I removed all fixed size ads, and I have also added CSS responsiveness candies to help you quickly set your ad sizes using CSS classes. You can select responsive option for Display and Link units. Using sizing field on widget you can set different sizes for different platforms: sm-banner md-rectangle lg-leaderboard. This CSS based responsive sizing gives you full control over how your ad unit will appear on different platforms. And it will surely help you earn more!


I’ve also improved the placeholders option using those responsive classes. Now placeholders have different colors depending on the selected ad formats.

Please note: I do not recommend using placeholders if caching is enabled on your site. Because your site will show cached pages if placeholders are enabled. So, If you are using any caching plugin like Litespeed Cache, W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket do not enable placeholders on your site.

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