It happens to all of us. Sometimes we just tend to ignore the most obvious ways to achieve better results. This time it is about Adsense.

In this post, I am sharing with you the obvious ways to make more money with Adsense, and I am going to do this for FREE! So you better take my advice on this 🙂

1. Put Your Ad Code to the Most Visible Place on Your Page

To make more money from Adsense, your visitors should see your ads. You can’t earn money from ads that are not visible 60% of the time! So, the most effective fix for your site will be moving your ads to the top of your page. And you should do this considering both desktop and mobile views. But don’t put the Adsense ad as the first thing on the page, put it after your post title, and put it on top of your sidebar. You will see the results of this fix immediately!

2. Keep Your Ads Above the Fold (ATF)

You already know this tip. It is almost a cliche, not only does Adsense suggest this, but also all known Adsense consulting firms will tell you this tip as the first suggestion. And, it is a fact that most of your visitors will only see ATF part of your site. However, this tip is not enough on its own. If your site is loading slow, users won’t stay on your site or click on any links on your site. So, for this fix to be successful, your page loading speed must be blazing fast. This is not as hard as you imagine, and if you are not sure how to do that, don’t worry. I will cover this topic in an upcoming post.

3. Use Max Allowed Number of Ads

You can maximize your revenue easily using the maximum number of allowed ads on your site. Using this strategy you can easily increase your page impression revenue. Google now removed the maximum limit for the ads. However, you should make sure your content is adequate for the number of ads on your site. Otherwise, your page will be overloaded with ads. This will be a bad experience for your site users. So, before increasing your ad count on the page, make sure that you have enough content.

4. Allow Both Text and Images in Ads

Never limit your ads. Not in categories, nor in content. In the old days, we could control how ads appeared on our site -though we were still complaining. And then, using text-only ads in post content was better, as it was appealing to the user more. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to create an ad style to fit your theme unless you are a premium publisher. So, I recommend you enable all ad types on your ad units. If you have a lot of images on your site, using text-only ads can be better for site appearance. But this doesn’t mean that you will earn more of it.

5. Match Ad Title Color to Your Site’s Link Color

Strange enough, we always try to match ad URL color to site link color. But users need to pay attention to the title of the ads, not the ad URL. To show the user that the ad title is a clickable link, you should match the ad title color to your site’s link color. This way your users will know where to click. And unless you have a solid branding reason, choose this color to be a tone of blue. Based on most studies, blue titles generate the highest CTR.

6. Publish More!

Adsense for Publishers has one thing on its core; that is the content. If you want to make more money from your site, the most obvious strategy is that; you need to publish more! Publishing richer content is not only good for Adsense. It will also help your site’s SEO. So, it is a win-win situation.

I hope you liked my Obvious Ways guide for Adsense. Do you have any Obvious ways to earn more from Adsense? Share them in the comments!

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