Subpages Extended allows you to create dynamic sub-page indexes on your WordPress blog. Using its powerful shortcode [subpages] you can easily generate page indexes. In this post, I will show you how to sort your pages.

The Shortcode gives you the ability to sort your pages using WordPress core functions. You can simply sort your pages using Menu Order, and then post titles using this shortcode:

[subpages sort_column="menu_order,post_title"]

Other sorting options for subpages shortcode are listed below:

  • 'post_title' – Sort Pages alphabetically (by title) – default
  • 'menu_order' – Sort Pages by Page Order.
  • 'post_date' – Sort by creation time.
  • 'post_modified' – Sort by time last modified.
  • 'ID' – Sort by numeric Page ID.
  • 'post_author' – Sort by the Page author’s numeric ID.
  • 'post_name' – Sort alphabetically by Post slug.

To sort your pages in descending order simply include sort_order="DESC" in your shortcode:

[subpages sort_column="ID" sort_order="DESC"]

This shortcode will show newer pages on top.

Using the power of this shortcode you can make dynamic indexes on your site so easily.
For more samples & demos please visit the plugin page.

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