WordPress Plugins are one of the top reasons we love WordPress. You can easily install plugins using WordPress’ search & install system. But that functionality brings one problem; one can easily fill up their blog with lots of plugins, most of them in inactive state. In this post, I will show you top reasons why you should remove your unused plugins.



1. Free your hosting space

Most plugins use too much space than expected. If you are using an expensive shared hosting, you will be paying too much for a little space. This space is so easy to get full when you think of todays large super-quality image websites. So if you move your unused plugins, you can free up some valuable hosting space.


2. Prevent potential threats

Plugins that come from wordpress.org are generally secure for your blog. However, an inactive plugin can still be a potential threat. WordPress doesn’t run plugin files that are not active by default. But plugin’s other assets (like javascripts) can still be used to get valuable informations from your site.


3. Prevent unnecessary update notices

WordPress upgrade system notifies you of all updates those are available, doesn’t matter if it is an active or passive plugin. If you are not planning to use a plugin in a short time, it is best to remove it, rather than making useless updates.


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