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Best WordPress Hosting 2020

Best WordPress Hosting for 2020. Installing a WordPress website is a really easy thing to do. But if you don’t pick your hosting provider carefully, your site may not perform enough on certain metrics. And that is also a critical parameter for your search engine rankings (SEO). In this simple guide we will help you decide your hosting provider comparing the most critical WordPress Hosting requirements.

This guide is intended for non-tech users. If you prefer a more technical guide visit our guide here.


* Control Panel
* Caching Support
* Automatic Backups
* Free SSL
* Storage Space

Control Panel

WordPress Admin panel is more than enough for your day-to-day site operations. But you may need to access your files or databases for some administration tasks. And, it is generally a very urgent issue when you need this access. So, while selecting your WordPress Hosting, you need to make sure that you can access your files or databases anytime you need. Even when WordPress is down you should be able to access your databases using phpMyAdmin, or your files using a File Manager tool.

Caching Support

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